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The Maxwell Method of DISC

Understanding your unique strengths and potential challenges of your DISC style will help you be intentional in all areas of your life (work, relationships, and communication).

Benefits of a Maxwell Method of DISC Personality Indicator Assessment

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  • Discover your communication style, and understand how to clearly communicate with others

  • Identify your ideal motivating environment where you do your best work

  • Know your strengths through the PowerDISC

  • Explore areas for growth....and more!


Work with me!

7-session Coaching Program 

Complete a 7-session coaching plan using the Enneagram and the Maxwell Method of DISC. Explore your unique personality, discover your strengths, understand your communication style and identify your strengths!

Available for individuals and groups of up to 10 people. 

Cost $750 CAD


3-Month/6-month Coaching Plan

Discover your personal growth areas of focus through your Maxwell Method of DISC personality indicator report. Begin your coaching plan to get you to achieve your goals and overcome what's holding you back or keeping you stuck.

Cost $300/month, bi-weekly sessions


Training & Workshops for Groups/Teams

Give your team a winning edge by engaging in a workshop using the Maxwell Method of DISC! Discover strengths, identify the unique sales profile of each team member, learn what motivates each person, and communication and productivity issues resolved by understanding your team's unique profile. Contact me to create your personalized plan!

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