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Easter, Rest, & Boundaries Pt.3

Welcome to my last post of the series on finding rest by exploring and setting healthy boundaries for our personality types. I hope you have found, or will find, one or two tips to take away so that you can begin enjoying that much-needed rest. We find renewed energy when we are able to rest, not just our bodies but our minds as well. We find refreshing, new ideas, we are more open to exploring and trying new adventures, even taking some risks that may get us closer to our dreams and goals – all because we took the time to recharge.

If you've noticed certain patterns of thinking and behavior that keep you feeling stuck in old habits, get ready to break free and create healthier boundaries for yourself! One powerful tool for gaining insight into your behavioral patterns is the Enneagram, a personality typing system that offers deep insights into your motivations, fears, and desires. In this post we will explore the last 3 types of the Enneagram. If you’re curious about knowing yourself on a deeper level so that you can effectively unlock your potential to be all you are made to be, explore my Enneagram coaching here and book a free call to discuss how the Enneagram can help you.

Type 7: In Pursuit of Adventure

Do you find yourself constantly seeking excitement and the thrill of a new adventure? While this enthusiasm can bring joy and pleasure, this zest for life can sometimes lead to overcommitting yourself and neglecting to prioritize your well-being. By recognizing when to say "no" to new opportunities and commitments, you can ensure you do not spread yourself too thin as this could lead to overwhelm and burnout. Setting boundaries for yourself to find time to rest and recharge can help you maintain a healthy balance in your life. It's equally important for you to recognize and respect the boundaries of others to avoid pushing them beyond their limits in pursuit of your own desires.

"Setting boundaries doesn't limit your freedom; it protects your joy and prevents burnout."- Unknown

Type 8: Full Steam Ahead

Have you ever had anyone tell you how much they love having you in their corner? You are assertive and strong-willed and often speak up on behalf of others. Your relentless energy can sometimes cause you to take charge and keep going at full steam when you should slow down to re-energize. You need to recognize that your body needs rest and downtime. Engaging in a time of reflection might help you recharge your mind as well. To respect the boundaries of others, learn to dial back your intensity, when necessary, as this can help foster healthier and more respectful relationships.

"Rest is not a sign of weakness. It's a demonstration of self-respect and strength to restore your power."- Unknown

Type 9: Peace & Harmony

Are you known for being agreeable and easy-going? Your desire for harmony and avoidance of conflict may bring you a sense of calm, but could also lead to an inability to express your true desires confidently. If you relate to this, you must establish clear boundaries by learning how to communicate your own needs and desires assertively, without feeling guilty or apologetic. You may also benefit from learning to respect the boundaries of others even when it may be uncomfortable.

"It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It's necessary." - Mandy Hale

No matter your Enneagram type, understanding and respecting personal boundaries is a crucial aspect of personal growth. By learning to set and stick to boundaries that align with your personality type, you can navigate life's transitions with confidence and integrity. Embracing your Enneagram type and utilizing it as a tool for setting and respecting boundaries can be a powerful step towards breaking old patterns of thinking and behavior, allowing you to move forward without feeling stuck in the past.

Cheers to your Rest!



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